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This site is my chance to show off some of my favourite photos from around the world that have absolutely nothing to do with weddings!

My Mum got me my first film SLR for my 18th birthday and I've been pretty obsessed since, thanks Mum! I've studied photography as fine art and as documentary and I get to combine the two into a really great job, but when I'm not working I still like to have the camera by my side.

I've always wanted to travel the world taking photographs and this site is a pretty good start if I do say so myself, next stop....who cares!

Hope you all get some serious wanderlust from these photos, enjoy!


Diploma in Photographic Media
BA in Photographic Media from Griffith College Dublin.
Hons Degree in Journalism and Visual Communication.


Women to Blame Exhibition 2014-2016

Exposure group show in the MadArt Gallery 2011
GCD Group Exhibition 2011

Ladies of Harley Collection available to view on Source Graduate Online 2011

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