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balinese offerings

Canang Sari are Balinese Hindu offerings made daily to Gods and dieties. These can be found in temples, outside homes, on street corners and at every intersection, crossroads and river bank you come across.

They are made each morning by the women of Bali and contain numerous types of offerings, each presented in unique baskets woven by hand.

The neat and tidy offerings, usually containing flowers are made to the Gods of Purity and goodwill, whereas the untidy offerings of rice on bamboo are made to appease evil spirits or demons. 

More elaborate offerings are made during times of festivity, usually containing sweet treats, tobacco and coins. These images were taken during the festival of Galungan which is when the spirits of the dead are closest to the realm of the living much like our Halloween.

  • White Lime - Shiva

  • Red Betel Nut - Brahma

  • Gambier Plant - Vishnu

  • White Flower to the East - Swara

  • Red Flowers to the South - Brahma

  • Yellow Flowers to the West - God Mahedeva

  • Blue/Green Flowers to the North - Vishnu

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