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 This documentary is based on the environmental issue of fracking in Ireland. Hydraulic Fracturing or ‘fracking’ is a process of drilling for natural gas and oil using water pumps, mixed with 'sand' and a variety of chemicals, which fractures the shale’s of ground rock. The water mix literally fractures the sheets of rock releasing pockets of natural gas, hence the term ‘fracking’.

The relevancy of this topic is due to the proposed project by an Australian owned company called Tomboran Resources in partnership with Lough Allen Natural Gas Company to begin Fracking in the Lough Allen Carboniferous Basin as soon as 2013. My concern with this system of extraction is the many environmental issues that spring up in the wake where this system is used. There is also a personal angle to this piece as I spent a lot of my childhood in Co. Leitrim which is included in the proposed area for exploration. But Leitrim is not the only County at risk, if the U.K. decide to introduce this process formally than the North will be the first to see the introduction of Fracking. 

This is an ongoing project.

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