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This series is based on the tattoo and piercing culture in contemporary Ireland. There are a variety of theories that suggest that we are part of a period affectionately known as 'the tattoo renaissance'; a time where body adornment is swiftly sweeping into mainstream culture. This popularization of tattooing is due to a variety of factors; from generational differences, societal liberalisation or it could be argued, the further development of tattoo removal.

The body art scene is an intersection of converging sub cultural groups that share a common interest. The theory of the commodification of body art was prevalent in much of my research, however many of the individuals featured within this series would argue that certain modes of modification are more socially acceptable than others.  Those with more 'extreme' forms of body art would still challenge what society may consider 'mainstream'.

"There's more to body art...

than just pretty pictures".

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